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About Martak

Martak is one of the strongest export companies in Iceland, leading in the development and production of equipment and solutions for shrimp processing machinery. An average employee in Martak Iceland is about 20 people. The company has workstations in Iceland and Canada. Product development, manufacturing, sales and service in Iceland and service and sales in Canada, as well as agents and distributors in the United States and across Europe.

At Martak you will find everything you need in one place. Product portfolio of the company covers the entire production process, from raw material handling to consumer packaging, Martak offers a wide range of individual devices and complete solutions, tailor-made solutions, customized to fit customer needs. To mention some of the equipment available at Martak; scales, in-feed systems, peeling machines, shell blowers, packing lines, mixing stations, cooling systems and many other.

With continuous innovation in mind Martak have evolved to be one of the leading companies in its field. One of the company’s goals is to work on ne innovation and development. One of the company´s main goals is to work with the customer on finding suitable solutions for the customer.

Martak focuses on customer needs and offers a customized and standard solutions, depending on customer needs. Martak offers equipment and solutions in the shrimp industry, fish, liver processing, roe processing and much more.

Martak has decades of experience in the shrimp industry and offers a specialized service for shrimp production, various machinery and equipment for the shrimp industry, both standard and customized, depending on the needs of each individual.

Martak offers nearly all the machinery required in the traditional shrimp process. Martak also offers complete layouts for modern shrimp factories where efficiency, productivity, and efficiency for the shrimp producer is guided. Martak has designed and installed some of the biggest shrimp factories in Iceland, Newfoundland and Canada.

Martak produces rollers and spare parts for all types of shrimp peeling machines used in the shrimp industry (American, Icelandic and Norwegian). We strive to have on stock all the parts for shrimp peeling machines, including shrimp rollers. Martak has chosen to use only the finest ingredients in the rubber rollers, which results in maximum performance, yield and durability. Most of our customers prefer service contract for peeling machines, based on the shrimp and other wear parts of the peeling machines are replaced on a regular basis to ensure that the machines deliver maximum efficiency and performance all the time. In this way Martak services most Icelandic shrimp factories as well as having significant market share in Newfoundland and Canada.