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Martak‘s main focus have been equipment and solutions for the seafood industry.  To begin with the focus was to serve the shrimp peeling industry, but today Martak also offers wide selection of high quality equipment and solutions for groundfish, liver and roe production.

Martak work closely with customers on their need for custom made solutions.  At Martak there are good experience in layout designing and to adapt our solutions to older equipment and process lines.  Martak offers modern design and drawings with focus on capacity, yield and efficiency.

The company puts ambition in continous improvement on it‘s solutions.  With new development and innovation Martak have become leading company in it‘s field.

Our sister company, Martak Canada Ltd, are located in Newfoundland with main focus on peeler service for shrimp industry all over the world as well as good service for the seafood industry in East-coast Canada.